Prime Time

“I want to make sure that I continue to move my health and fitness level forward so I can always stay young with my daughters.”

–Bob Duncan

About Prime Time

Launched in 2016, Prime Time is a group created for Isagenix Members who are interested in healthy aging and living life to the fullest. Members have access to an exclusive Facebook group, where they can build connections and share ideas about healthy aging with other group members from across the globe. Members also have the option to subscribe to the group’s semimonthly e-newsletter, participate in weekly online meetings and healthy living contests, and more.

At 51 years old, Denise makes it her responsibility to represent her generation and set an example of preventative health and maintenance. As an active member of Prime Time, Denise sees the group as the perfect opportunity to do just that, in addition to connecting with others.

Natural-Born Leader Shares her Passion for Life

Feeling like 40 at 64!

Rick knew Prime Time was a community of people with energy, which he has a lot of! He still works full time in addition to building a new business, does MMA workouts and boxes, lifts weights, and spends time with his family. Rick’s physical transformation is inspiring to others interested in living healthy, and he truly enjoys helping those who are looking to transform their lives, whether it’s through the Prime Time movement or at the gym.

“Fifty isn’t the end, it’s just the beginning! “
Steven Riecker •Prime Time Member

Now is Prime Time

Own Your Health, Take Action, and Create Change.

Caring for your family, trying to create a work-life balance, and finding some time to focus on your own health and wellness can be challenging. But you’re in luck! Now there’s a community where you can gain support, learn healthy tips, and develop tools to help others create healthy change in their lives. To learn more about joining this community, speak with the person who shared Prime Time with you, or email