Building Community: It’s Easier Than You Think!

Just as we all experience success and important milestones, we go through times of adversity and pain. Having a community around to lift us up in a time of need and praise us when we

The Sandwich Generation: Finding Balance When You’re Caught in the Middle

Today’s world can be incredibly hectic. In addition to taking care of ourselves, we often find that we are supporting our children. Whether it’s teaching them to drive, helping them navigate their finances, or encouraging

Need Motivation? Try Our Tips!

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to be motivated? Some of us seem to be intrinsically motivated to do better day after day, while others struggle to stick with what works. It

Easy Ways to Polish Your Connecting Skills

Prime Time members have a lot in common with each other. They believe in taking care of their health, remaining active, and living passionately. Most have raised families, experienced successful careers, or both. Many members

How to Retain a Strong Support System as You Age

Sometimes, we get to the point in our lives where we feel as if our circle of friends and support is shrinking. Our children are grown and either away at school or married and starting