Processed Foods: Good or Bad?

Avoid processed foods. It’s one of the most unchallenged dietary recommendations for anyone trying to lose weight or gain health. The advice is not without good reason, of course. Numerous highly palatable, packaged foods line our

Keep Your GI Tract on Track!

As we get older and start to focus more on healthy aging, our bodies tend to change. Sometimes certain foods don’t sit well with us, our metabolism slows down, and we experience digestion issues and

The Sandwich Generation: Finding Balance When You’re Caught in the Middle

Today’s world can be incredibly hectic. In addition to taking care of ourselves, we often find that we are supporting our children. Whether it’s teaching them to drive, helping them navigate their finances, or encouraging

Creating Balance as We Age

Trying to “stand still” can be a bit of a contradiction. Even when your body is still and inactive, there are many muscles moving within your legs and core that create continual small adjustments to

How to Avoid Injury While Exercising

Exercising is a smart way to stay in shape and remain active. To help you stay strong and healthy, consider incorporating certain techniques and methods before, during, and after your exercise routine. Stretching is a