Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to be motivated? Some of us seem to be intrinsically motivated to do better day after day, while others struggle to stick with what works. It seems that when it comes to our health and wellness, some struggle even more with finding the motivation to change.

It’s no secret that setting a measurable goal should always be the first step toward change, but did you know that there are additional actions you can take to increase your chances of success? According to a study conducted by the Dominican University of California, it is just as important to write a goal down as it is to set one in the first place. In the study, 64 percent of participants achieved their goal by writing it down and sharing it with a friend.

While setting a goal may be an easy first step, many find that staying motivated is where the true challenge lies. If you can relate to needing a motivational boost, or know someone who might, check out some of the tips that have been tried and true for Prime Time members. Learn from those who have experienced the transition to better health successfully.

  1. Identify why you want to change.

“Figure out what gives you a burning desire to change. If it doesn’t make the hard stuff easier, then the desire isn’t strong enough,” said Bob Duncan. When you are feeling a lack of motivation, remember to focus on why you want to make this change. Remind yourself of your reason whenever you feel challenged, even if you have to write it on a mirror or write yourself notes when you begin to feel defeated.

  1. Find an accountability partner.

Maura Lustig shares, “Find one person who believes in you.” Try to find someone in your home or neighborhood that can start on this journey with you. If you don’t have anyone close that can be honest and truly hold you accountable, use technology to find someone you can support and who can support you. In the study referenced above, 76 percent of participants accomplished their goals when they communicated weekly with a supportive friend.

  1. Focus on one thing each day.

Tammy Enloe suggested, “Do something every day and make it a top priority.” Go back to those action commitments that will help you achieve your goals and plan out those activities so you know what you will do each day, then remind yourself every morning what your daily focus should be.

  1. Choose activities that you enjoy.

“Incorporate the fitness activity of choice into your lifestyle,” shared Rod Brooks, “Not to fix something, but to enjoy as part of your daily routine. We do what we like to do, so find what you like.” You may find it easier to turn a new activity into a habit when it’s fun for you, so if you have been suffering through excruciating exercise routines, try something more fun.

If you try the above tips, but find yourself wanting to give up, Patricia Creppin suggested, “Pay attention to what you are feeding your mind and body.” Listening to motivational podcasts or reading uplifting books is a great way to invest in your mindset and helping you stay positive, which can in turn help your motivation increase.

If you still feel like giving up (hey, it happens!) keep in mind this timeless piece of advice from Harry Ramsbottom: “The only way to fail is to stop trying.”